The Art of Waiting

In life, it would seem that we are constantly waiting for things that we want to happen. Even when we were still children, we’d patiently wait for some treats. We tirelessly wait for our time to go outside and play. Waiting during those times seems to be so simple and innocent. However, when we became adults, we cannot always patiently wait. Life demands a lot from us, and sometimes, waiting is never an option. We want to get things in an instant, if not, as soon as possible. To wait at today’s standards seems so ancient and primitive. We want things to happen as early as possible, and we don’t like waiting for too long for results anymore.

The longer we wait for something good to happen could really be troublesome, but we must learn the art of waiting. We cannot deny the fact that we want things to go to our advantage, but that is not always the case. Learning the art of waiting could actually make us a better person. We also become more considerate and more understanding on the possibility that everything will not always go to our preferences.

As they say, there is indeed a time for everything. No matter how fast-paced our world is, we must become patient. Without learning the art of waiting, we are more exposed to possibilities that we could eventually lose our interests, and even experience frustrations, and disappointments. These negative emotions could then bring the worst out of us, simply because we could not wait.

The art of waiting gives us a lot of avenues to improve ourselves as a person. To this world that changes so fast, it is a blessing to have someone who could patiently wait. If you think that everything you do seems to be not doing you anything good; just wait. As long as you are doing what is right, and as long as you do your work passionately, everything will pay off soon. No success is built overnight. Through perseverance and patience, you will eventually harvest what has been planted.


The Nature of Fear

When we encounter things that we are not familiar with, and things that could hurt us physically or emotionally, we experience a sudden surge of fear. As defined, fear is an unpleasant and often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. If we sense danger around us, our heart beats faster, and we become agitated. We want to escape and run away far from danger. We do not want to get hurt, and we realize how precious our life is.

Fear may be an unpleasant emotion. As much as possible, we do not want to experience this feeling. However, unpleasant it may seem, to feel fear is actually meant to protect us. When we sense danger, the most rational action is to move away and not push through. Through fear, we are able to prevent undesirable things that could have happened to us. Imagine if you cannot feel fear, the tendency is for you to approach danger without knowing it. With this, fear is not a useless emotion, it is here to remind us the fragility of life and that our life is precious, and doing something which could actually cause our demise is not worth it. We only live once, so when your instinct says that something is to be feared, listen to it; it could even save your life.

No matter how careful we are, there are still instances that our lives are put into peril. However, we must not always give in to our fears. We need to see the world, and feel the warmth of the love of the people around. We are not always spared from bad things, but as humans, we are capable of adjusting to what the environment demands. But, always remember that fear is there to always remind us to take caution, and always be careful of doing things. There are still a lot of things to do, so let us all be careful in exploring this wonderful world.

The Inner Child in Us

When we were still a child, we were so innocent, happiness is genuine and authentic. There are no problems to think of, no bills, no heartaches, no emotional drama, only tantrums for being not allowed to play outside, and being declined with a lollipop. But as time passes, we become mature; we learn a lot of things, and we become exposed to a lot of changes. While growing up, we gradually lose our innocence, we get to know motives, we get to feel disappointments, and we become more emotionally aware. As we grow up, the list of our sources of happiness becomes shorter, and smiles gradually lose authenticity.

When we are already an adult, we completely lost our innocence, we find it more difficult to trust people, and we now wear fake smiles to hide our sadness and disappointments in life. Every time we share an image where we smile, we tell to the world, “Hey check me out! I’m fine, I’m happy, I’m good!” But behind those smiles are our frustrations, fears, and disappointments. Those things are inescapable.

Eventually, we’ll wish for time to come back. We’ll realize how nice it is to become an innocent child once again. If only we could turn back the time, and become the child whom we were once. These are the statements of the inner child in us… A child who wishes his innocence back.

What is Earth Science For?

As a body of knowledge, Science really has a lot to offer. Even for our home planet, there is a dedicated branch of Science, specifically geology. Geology discusses the fundamental characteristics of our planet, its capability to support life, its history and formation, as well as the different geologic activities that happen on earth. Basically, Earth Science exposes learners on the processes that happen in our planets, as well as how and why these geologic events happen, and what could be their effect in our day to day lives.


When we talk about Earth Science, we are expected to learn more about our planet. This is important and vital for us since Earth is the only known planet to support life; that is why knowing how our planets behave is imperative for us. Having knowledge in Earth Science makes us more aware of what should be done to mitigate the effects of disasters and calamities. Aside from this, Earth Science also teaches us to develop our awareness and concern for the environment so that we will be able to preserve and conserve the ecosystems that are present on our planet.


Aside from the capability of the planet to support life, Earth is also equipped with rich natural resources. These natural resources make the development and advancement of our technology possible. Without obtaining these natural resources, we will not be able to enjoy the technology that we have now. Unfortunately, these natural resources are not infinite; hence, it is important for us to learn more about how to make use of these resources efficiently and effectively to minimize the possible impacts of continuous decline of our natural resources.

These are then some of the reasons why we need to learn more about Earth Science. Development and progress starts with curiosity. We must use anything with our knowledge to make this planet, our only home, a better place not only for us, but other inhabitants of Earth as well.

On Becoming a Teacher

Teaching is said to be the noblest profession. Others even claim that teaching is not only a profession, but a vocation as well. Being a teacher can actually teach us a lot of things. When we got to know the backgrounds of our students, we get to learn more about them. I can say that as we get to know them, we discover something about ourselves as well. Being with our students can make us more patient in doing things. We are always reminded of how it is to be of their age, hence, we truly learn from them as well. Seeing our students succeed in life is a reward in itself. We know that we did our mission as a teacher when we see our students succeed in life. This is just one of the many reasons why teaching is considered as the noblest profession.

Despite all of these, we cannot deny the fact that being a teacher can be challenging. We will never become teachers if we do not have anything to teach. We will not be able to give justice for our profession if we are empty. This is the reason why we must always equip ourselves with experiences, knowledge, and skills so that we will be able to provide what the students actually need. There is no excuse for us to not to do our best when it comes to teaching. However, there are a lot of challenges this world has to offer for teachers. To be equipped, we must immerse ourselves in continuous pursuit of knowledge. Learning for us does not only involve earning a Bachelor’s degree on education. We must continue to learn beyond this, so that we can provide more for our students. Aside from this, we must also become role models for our students and the community; hence, we must avoid doing any thing which could tarnish the nobility of the teaching profession. Dealing with our diverse learners is also a challenge in itself. Knowing the fact that they came from different family backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, we must be able to establish connections among them to have a sound relationship between the teachers and the learners; otherwise, we may find it difficult to develop their collaborative and social skills. Moreover, being a teacher is not as rewarding as other professions in terms of financial aspects; but we continue to teach anyway. After all, it is not really all about the money; it is about how we touch the lives of our students and how we could make learning fun, meaningful, and relevant for them.

As I have said, seeing our students succeed in life is a reward for us in itself. To give them the best academic experience is our legacy to our learners. To serve as an inspiration to our learners is our greatest contribution to their lives as well. Being a teacher may not make us ultra rich, but to see our students become victors in life provides us a sense of fulfillment that no amount money could ever provide.


If you are a teacher, chin up! You are given a mission; you are destined to touch lives, and inspire the youth. Let us go forth and let us shine our brilliance to this world, so that the students that look up to us could see how wonderful this world is; so that when the time for them to handle this world comes, they will be able to make this planet a better home for all of us.

Chicken Afritada

In any Filipino gatherings, there is always a room for Chicken Afritada. This dish is cooked with tomato sauce, potatoes, carrots, bell pepper, garlic, and chicken. Pork and beef can also be used in this dish. For this dish, you need the following:

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Bell Pepper
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Chicken (Chopped)
  • Tomato sauce

First thing to do is to sauté the onion and garlic. When cooked, add the chicken and sauté. Add a little bit of water and allow to boil. This process tenderizes the chicken.

On a separate pan, fry the potatoes and carrots. Once cooked, set aside.

When the chicken is tender, add the the tomato sauce, and the bell pepper. Add the tomatoes and carrots afterwards. Let it simmer until potatoes, carrots, and chicken are thoroughly cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste.

You now have a dish that’s perfect with hot steamed rice. Truly a dish that you will love.

Bangus Belly Sinigang

One of iur favorites in Max’s Restaurant is their Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus. Sinigang is a classic Filipino dish which is described as having a tamarind-soured broth with vegetables such as swamp cabbage or kangkong, radish, string beans, okra, onion, green chili, and tomato. This dish can also be used in pork, beef, shrimps, and other fish. What we like in Max’s sinigang is that they ensure that every ingredient is fresh. This is why everytime we visit Max’s, we do not forget to order one. Their sinigang na bangus belly starts at 359 pesos.